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Ripples Edge Media is a crowdfunding video production company in the San Francisco Bay area. We're on a mission to ensure every nonprofit, creative, entrepreneur & startup harnesses the power of video for maximal ripples online & off.

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Social Media for Social Change eCourse

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social media social change cover pbh closer.png
social media for social change ecourse pbh imac comp cover.jpg

Social Media for Social Change eCourse

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How are the top change makers using social media? In this comprehensive, learn-by-example video e-course, we walk you through techniques such as building an engaged social following, viral messaging, crowdfunding, live-streaming, citizen science and crowdsourcing.

With real-life case studies and interviews directly from top social entrepreneurs, this course will help you harness the the power of social media to influence change. You'll learn to refine your messaging, innovate solutions, create and encourage collective action and connect to magnify your results.

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Do you want to harness the power of social media for social change and make an impact in the digital age but are a bit confused by the ever-evolving world of online technologies?

 Creating and increasing opportunities for social change through giving and collaboration around the globe has become infinitely easier with the advent of social media.

In this comprehensive 8 hour video eCourse, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 key social media for social change (#SM4SC) strategies being used for maximal impact.

  • How to effectively employ crowdfunding and crowdsourcing for your endeavors.

  • Examples of new media techniques used by the most successful social entrepreneurs and organizations.

  • How to strategically map out a plan for social media campaigns that make the biggest impact.

  • The pros and cons of the different social media strategies and how to decide which to use for your specific campaign.

  • How to create viral messages, build genuine engagement online and track your results take course anywhere.

The Background

This is the first complete eCourse to using social media for social change and our primary goal in creating this course was to magnify the number of well-executed social change campaigns online by teaching the new media tactics necessary to achieve success.  The world faces a myriad of challenges on many levels; political, social, economic and environmental. This social media for social change course was created as a skills building tool for social entrepreneurs to address old issues with new tactics for increased results.

Social media breaks down communication barriers and allows user to reach a global audience with their story.

The real challenge is not deciding whether to participate in social media, but rather how to best participate. With so much information being shared, stories must find a way to stand out and reach their target audience.

This is a work at your own pace style course for only $49!
After purchasing, a link will be emailed to you within 24 hours
that provides you with lifetime access to the online course.


What does this eCourse cover?

The Social Media for Social Change course covers a wide range of topics from the value of engaging in new media and best social media for social change strategies to real-life case studies, hypothetical examples and a culminating challenge reviewed by the instructors. Course content is segmented into 5 intuitive eLearning modules:

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Key #SM4SC Strategies

    1) Building an Engaged Social Following
    a. Establish an Online Presence
    b. Viral Marketing
    c. Genuine Engagement
    d. Tracking & Analytics
    2) Crowdfunding
    3) Citizen Science
    4) Crowdsourcing
    5) Live-Streaming
  • III. Real-Life Case Studies

    1) Building an Engaged Social Following
    A. Engagement
    - Scuba Diver Life
    - Change Heroes
    B. Viral Messaging
    - Waterlust Project
    - Upwell
    C. Dynamic Campaign Insights
    - Beth Kanter
    2) Crowdfunding
    - Amal Women’s Training Center via RocketHub
    - Lizards of the Archipelago book via KickStarter
    3) Citizen Science
    - Cornell eBird
    - Sharks Count
    4) Crowdsourcing
    - Ushahidi
    - RARE’s Solution Search
    5) Live-Streaming
    - WomenWhoTech conference
    - NetSquared

  • IV. Hypothetical Examples

    - An overview of how to implement each of the 5 #SM4SC tactics for various hypothetical models. Includes background information and business objectives for specific projects, as well as their current social strategies, then offers in-depth advice on how to choose an appropriate #SM4SC strategy and how to execute it.
    1) Building an Engaged Social Following
    I. Atlantic Tuna Project
    2) Crowdfunding
    I. United Audio Project
    3) Citizen Science
    I. California King Tides Initiative
    4) Crowdsourcing
    I. The Anchal Project
    5) Live-Streaming
    I. Social Media for NonProfits

  • V. Conclusion -

    Ties everything covered in the entire course together and includes 2 study guides of key takeaway points.

This eCourse is designed to take the guess work out of successful social media campaigns for social change. You’ll learn strategies that work and are easy to implement.  If you’re ready to start using social media to maximize your impacts online, then click the “purchase” button and you'll gain access to this eCourse after checkout via an email link!

Who is this course for?

We designed this course for socially-conscious individuals in all disciplines. The course is for those seeking general knowledge of how to build, nurture and grow an effective social media following in order to influence social changes.

While this course does contain specific principles for scientists, graduate students and conservation professionals, it is also more broadly geared towards non-profits, conservation organizations, concerned citizens and social entrepreneurs.


What can you expect from this eCourse?

  • This course is a professional guide to social media for social change and science communication catering to intermediate and advanced users, incorporating video, transcripts, interviews and PDFs.
  • Steeped in extensive research, this course uses a “learn by example” teaching style – promoting powerful real-life examples in the newest social media for social change tactics. You will hear directly from top social entrepreneurs how they have successful utilized these new media techniques.
  • This course is very comprehensive and will break-down a number of new social media tools and techniques used for social change.
  • We aim to help you…
    • Build a social following and clearly define end goals for your campaigns
    • Refine your messaging and translate it into something can go viral (ie. spread rapidly)
    • Innovate solutions to society’s most pressing problems
    • Understand the evolving matrix of the social media world and adapt to new situations
    • Connect with like-minded individuals online to magnify your results
    • Create and encourage collection action online

This is a ‘work at your own pace’ course. There are no due dates. We encourage students to follow along at their own pace. When you receive login information, you will receive the full course with all the sessions; no waiting!

Login information will automatically be sent to you via email within 24 hours after checkout (so be sure to enter your email address while checking out). Be sure to check your spam box if you do not receive it. If you have any problems logging in or have any other questions feel free to email us:!


Check out the latest buzz:

Truly Exceptional Course on Social Media for Social Change’
Cindy Adams, Experienced Instructional Designer and Educator writes:

“This excellent introduction to leveraging the power of social media is packed with ideas and resources for finding a following that will help support whatever cause is most worthy of your passionate commitment.”

‘An Incredible Resource for Social Entrepreneurs‘
Alex Warneke, Aquatic Chemical Ecologist at San Diego State University writes:

“In a world inundated with online resources, making a splash on the Internet scene can be hard work. Luckily, the latest eCourse from Ripple’s Edge Media is here to help you wade through it! Social Media for Social Change provides effective strategies, tools, and real world experiences that will help you convey powerful and pervasive messages for any cause. A must have for all looking to broaden their impact utilizing social media.”

'Wonderful instruction on using social media to influence change'
Nancy Rienktin writes:

“This course is well-paced and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to use social media for the biggest social good impact online. The course even includes a comprehensive 150 page guide the author wrote for absolute beginners to the social media realm.

As the manager of a small non-profit myself, this course has given be the skills to train my internal team members on how to leverage social media to help our organization grow, succeed, innovate and make new connections online.

If you're in the social innovation, social enterprise or non-profit realm, you need to take this course!"

‘Excellent guide to new media!'
Jeremy Huntington writes:

"I must admit, I was very skeptical about the utility of social media for my business, but after taking this course, I am completely convinced it will be the thing to improve our customer engagement and allow us to magnify our impacts.

I love that there is a final challenge, reviewed by the instructor, that integrates everything covered in the course. Highly recommend this course! I'm now in the process of launching my first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and feel completely prepared to successfully execute it."